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Questions + answers about our apartments and shared flats portfolio

For how long can I book a room / apartment?

All our rooms/apartments can be rented for a minimum period of 3 months (minimum rental period).
The minimum rental period results from the existing legal situation & the regulations of the city of Frankfurt and therefore cannot be undercut.

Is it possible to have a viewing of the room/apartment?

Yes, of course you can visit the rooms/apartments in advance.

Do you provide parking spots?

No, in the moment we do not offer parking spots. Of course there are public parking spots in front of our properties.

Is it possible to book a room / apartment longer than 6 months?

The maximum booking period is 6 months. However, it is possible to renew the existing booking period / contract before expiry and thus to extend the period.

What is the administration fee for?

The administration fee covers e.g. the costs for the weekly cleaning service (public areas, in all flats with more than 4 rooms in the main station area and Quirinsstraße, the room cleaning after your departure and all administrative and janitorial services.

Do I have to pay the service fee every month?

No, you have to pay the service fee once per booking and therefore is max. valid for 6 months.

How much do I have to pay as a deposit?

You have to pay a monthly using fee as deposit before you move in.

Is there a notice period for my guest contract?

Yes, the notice period is 2 months to the end of the month. However, the minimum rental period of 3 months still remains valid.

When will I get my deposit back?

After a proper return of your room or your apartment without damages, you will receive the deposit back within 2 weeks.

Can I get in touch with the other flatmates to know them before I book a room or apartment?

No, a previous meeting of the flatmates is not possible.

Who are our typical guests?

Our typicical guests are e.g. students doing their internships, young professionals or project-related workers.

Is it possible to register myself in Frankfurt to receive letters?

Yes, upon request, we give you a confirmation of accommodation at the Check in. With this confirmation you can register yourself.

Are the flats mixed or are they separated into genders?

Our flats are all mixed shared flats.

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